Our Legend

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For generations, people trekked the world in search of the mysterious Yeti. Legend of this elusive creature persisted with tales of its superpowers of strength, speed, and intelligence.

It wasn’t until three childhood friends set off on a daring expedition in search of the Yeti that legend became reality.

Early one morning while drinking their coffee, an enormous man-like shadow loomed over them. Slowly turning around, they witnessed the most amazing sight their eyes had ever seen. The great Yeti!

Abruptly, it grabbed their mug and helped himself to the last of their coffee. Slamming the mug to the ground, he spat out the coffee, then turned back toward the forest, motioning for the men to follow.

It led them to a hidden valley of what looked like coffee plants. As they venture through the three friends began to think, could this be the true source of the Yeti’s powers?

Having sampled the friends' abominable coffee, the Yeti shared its beans. They soon learned the Yeti’s legendary nature was in fact derived from eating the fruit of the coffee plant.

Together they agreed to harness the spirit of the beans and roast a coffee to empower, revive and inspire.

Be Bold. Be Daring. Be a Legend.